Voices of Struggle

Voices of Struggle represents the voices of the marginalised and exploited peoples, especially those of children and women, and their day-to-day resistance.

It will carry reports, findings and recommendations of micro-studies, fact–findings, public hearings, important judgments, memoranda, critiques of policy and law, interviews, etc. It will cover the movements of resistance of the working classes, especially unorganised workers, social and political struggles of Dalits, land and forest rights of the Adivasis, struggle of the fishing people for control over their homeland, ocean resources and coastal ecology, the land and livelihood struggles of the urban poor, the movement to protect land and traditional agricultural practices of small and marginal farmers and other socially excluded, stigmatised and/or invisibilised sections such as LGBTQIA, PVTG and PWD.

We welcome information from people’s movements and civil society organisations for inclusion on this site. We hope it will, in a small way, contribute towards building a society of justice and equality.

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