Workshop for Human Rights Defenders to gain rights in various custodial institutions

Institute of Human Rights Advocacy and Research conducted a two days Training for Human Rights Defenders at Chennai on 17th & 18th Jan 2017. 39 participants took part in this training. Participants include social work students, activists working for third gender’s rights, reforms in mental health institutions and mentally challenged persons’ rights, minorities’ rights, youth development, women’s rights and scheduled caste & scheduled tribes.

The participants were trained in History of Human Rights, UN structure, various International Treaties and Committees formed for protecting the rights, fundamental embedded in the Indian constitution, structure of courts and its powers, why special detention acts should abolished, rights in police custody, interrogation, prisoners’ rights, exercise to write a complaint, approaching various commissions, Prevention of atrocities act, Right to Information, techniques to monitor Human Rights violations, how to conduct fact finding investigations, documentation, advocacy and how to litigate.

At the end of the training, the participants were involved in a theatre performance based on today’s social issues like Policing, Caste system, Bureaucracy and Judiciary.

As a final touch CCJAT’s convenor Mr. Jeeva conferred all the participants with the certificate of participation in the two days training programme conducted by Human Rights Institute.