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Programmes and training material are in Tamil; (national programmes are multi-lingual)
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02: Strengthening Local Government:  Monthly CEOs review meeting
07: CEO review of implementation of Prevention of Atrocities Act in Tamil Nadu
07: Strengthening Local Government: Weekly study circle: Topic: Basic Entitlement for Excluded Communities:Instructions for obtaining a Community Certificate online
12,13: Advanced training: Research methodology for community researchers
14: State level meeting of Tamil Nadu Tribal Elected Representatives
14: Strengthening Local Government: Weekly study circle: Topic: Basic Entitlement for Excluded Communities:Obtaining Title Deed for House & Land
21: State level meeting of Tamil Nadu Fishers Elected Representatives

All Mondays: (09, 16, 23, 30)
1600: Strengthening Local Government: Weekly programme support meeting

All Saturdays (07, 14, 21, 28):
1100: PoA Act implementation in Tamil Nadu: Weekly programme support meeting
1600: Weekly Study Circle


Focus Areas

Child Rights

All children have age specific rights, in addition to all the other human rights, so that they can live a life of dignity during childhood and beyond. Every person below 18 years of age is a child, and entitled to all these rights.

Gender Justice

Gender Justice

Correcting the privileging of the male and the masculine over all other genders is an important historical task for the progress of humanity and the human race. Gender equity - the goal of gender justice - is informed by intersectionality.

Dalit and Tribal Rights

Dalit & Tribal Rights

Socially excluded and vulnerable communities need to have a seat at the high table, with voice and agency to determine their priorities in development and in execution, and determine the basic characteristics of the welfare state

Sustainable Development Goals


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. We track the progress towards all 17 goals for specific socially excluded and vulnerable communities.

Coastal Watch

Coastal Watch

Various interest groups such as Fishing People’s Organisations, Non-Government Organisations, Environmental and Consumer Groups, Academics, Lawyers and activists felt the need to evolve a broad based forum to protect the rights of the coastal communities and the coast from environmental degradation.

Local Governance

Local self-government is the first and closest government to the communities. Empowered local government institutions, with equitable participation and inclusion of all communities in decision making. In addition to the training, HRF provides support (including litigation) when WPPs are prevented from discharging their duties.

Custodial Justice Hands of the prisoner on the prison

Custodial Justice

Balancing the scales of justice with compassion and healing has been an elusive goal across the ages. It requires a nuanced, multifaceted engagement with an ecosystem that encompasses the constitution, law, judiciary, lawyers, police, correctional institutions, victims, survivors, accused, undertrials, convicts, families and communities.

Human Rights Interventions

Human Rights

HRF conducts a range of human rights courses – from the introductory to advanced, from specialised/thematic focused to comprehensive integrated courses, covering the history, the theory, tools, and practical tips and workarounds in the field. Customised courses are conducted for academic institutions, government agencies and other civil society organisations on request.

Coastal Systems Monitoring

Systems Monitoring

Securing the progress of the coastal communities, the health of the coastal ecosystem and equity in the blue economy is essential for the safety and security of the planet

Budget Analysis Training

Budget Analysis

Budget research, analysis and advocacy has gained increasing importance in the pursuit of social justice—whether for socially excluded communities, women or children.

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